Worshipping with African Christians 

Andrew Walls describes his experience of participating in Christian worship with African Christians:

It is one of the most extraordinary things–you don’t know the language, and yet you know you are in a Christian congregation, and gradually you find your place in this form of worship. And gradually you learn to pray and sing. You are reading the Scriptures together, as human beings together, looking to one Christ for salvation…. I don’t think anyone brought up in the thin-blooded North can go to Africa and attend African churches without something happening to give them new insights into Christian worship–that expression of joy, that enormous vitality that comes through the African setting, with all the poverty, all the distress that people have…. When people pray with you, you realize why the New Testament talks about praying with the bowels! I would hope other Christians would be similarly enriched. We are one body.

James A. Ault, An interview with Andrew F. Walls  (Yale, 2001)

Quoted in Gillian Bediako, ‘Gospel and Culture: Andrew F. Walls in Africa, Africa in Andrew F. Walls’, in Understanding World Christianity, edited by William R. Burrows, Mark R. Gornik, and Janice A. MacLean (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 2009), 217.