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Since September 2016, I have been meeting with a small group of people from various churches in the vicinity of Inverness to study Koine Greek on Saturday mornings. (I mentioned this class previously here.) It is a great way to spend an hour on a Saturday and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

Romans EGGNTWe had our final class prior to the summer last Saturday, but the students are keen to continue after the summer break. I am delighted to hear that! We plan to resume our weekly meetings on Saturday 19 August at Smithton Church, from 11am to 12noon. When we resume, I have suggested to the group that we might not simply focus on grammar, but we could work through a New Testament letter in Greek using a guidebook. I have suggested that we use the new Exegetical Guide to the Greek New Testament on Romans, by John D. Harvey. If ministers, students, or anyone else who has completed some basic Greek studies are within reach of Smithton Church and would like to join our group, they would be more than welcome. Your Greek need not be advanced or in full working order! The book provides a lot of help with vocabulary and Greek constructions. There is no charge for the class. You would simply have to purchase a copy of the textbook. (Speak to your local Christian bookshop or have a look at purchasing options here. You can have a look at the first section of the book using Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature, but please note that, although the Greek text is sometimes distorted in the digital version, the Greek text is absolutely fine in the printed version). Or you can just bring your Greek New Testament if you prefer! It would be helpful if those who are interested in attending could let me know. If you are not in contact with me by another route, you are welcome to send me an email using this address:

Those who cannot participate in our group because of your location or other commitments might still like to get a copy of Harvey’s book and work through it. Perhaps you could set up a reading group in your church or region and encourage Greek readers to get together to encourage one another in their reading. You can find some further information about useful resources for developing your Greek skills here.


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