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I am doing some preparation for a module on Hebrews next semester. This post draws attention to some resources that may be useful both to my students (including those who might want to do a bit of preparatory work!) and to others who would like to explore Hebrews for themselves. Because there is already an excellent blog (see the details below) that provides a remarkable array of resources, this post simply lists a small selection of materials that seem to me useful starting points. I hope it will be helpful and may encourage readers to become more familiar with Hebrews.


First of all, I would encourage anyone trying to get an initial orientation to Hebrews to watch this short overview of Hebrews from the Bible Project.

For much more detail, this series of lectures given by Don Carson is excellent. Although Carson refers to Greek from time to time, he can be followed easily by those without Greek. You can download his outline too.


Brian Small has an excellent blog, dealing with various matters relating to Hebrews, entitled Polumeros kai Polutropos (the blog title is the opening phrase of Hebrews in Greek). This blog is intended to be a resource for both the church and the academy and points to a vast range of resources. Any serious student of Hebrews should become familiar with this blog.

Bibliographical Resources

Any serious study of Hebrews will require engagement with commentaries and other writings. There are several web sites that can point you to useful sources. In addition to the extensive bibliographical resources provided at Polumeros kai Polutropos, you might wish to look at the Denver Journal New Testament Bibliography and a rated list of commentaries on Hebrews at the Best Commentaries site.

A new commentary that may be of interest to preachers, students and other readers comes from Jon Laansma of Wheaton College. You can find details here.


If readers have suggestions of other particularly useful resources for studying Hebrews, please do send me a message at, and I will consider adding them to this post.


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