Logos Free Book of the Month, June 2017

If you use Logos software, you will want to pick up the Free Book of the Month for June. Salvation Belongs to the Lord, by John Frame, recently retired from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL., is an introduction to Systematic Theology written in a clear and accessible style. It is ideal for theological students and for Christians who wish to understand their faith better. I recommend it warmly and you can get it absolutely free. If you don’t already have the Logos Basic software so that you can read these books, you can download it completely free here.

Also available during June (and found using the same link), but for an additional cost of $1.99, is Justification by Grace Through Faith, by Brian Vickers of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is a helpful volume that combines excellent scholarship with clear expression to provide a valuable exposition of this central doctrine for any Christian reader. It is part of a very promising new series. I recently picked up Hans Bayer’s volume on the Gospel of Mark in the same series. It also looks very good.

Both of the books in the Logos offer are published by P&R Publishing, and are just part of a range of superb resources coming from P&R during the past few years reflecting a clear Reformed perspective combined with well-informed and thoughtful engagement with wider scholarship.

Don’t let this offer pass you by!