Antichrist: Literal or Figurative? And other questions: An Interview with Jason Maston

Wise words on eschatology and related issues from my friend, and predecessor at HTC, Dr Jason Maston.

Overthinking Christian


I recently had the privilege of interviewing New Testament scholar Jason Maston (Assistant Professor of Theology, Houston Baptist University) concerning the End of Time and how we should approach the apocalyptic texts of the New Testament.


Concerning the “end of times” (eschatology) what causes some to obsess over this concept while others to avoid it all together?

Jason: It’s hard to know exactly why some people are attracted to questions of eschatology, but I would suggest two reasons. First, it is probably a case of the unknown. Most of us don’t like the feeling of not knowing what lies ahead. We plan our lives and days, so we want to know what will happen to us if we live to see the end. We want to be prepared. We know the past, so now we need to sort out the future. Second, the Bible gives some…

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