Blackwell Companion to Paul on Audible

Blackwell PaulThe Blackwell Companion to Paul, edited by Stephen Westerholm, is an excellent resource for serious students of Paul. In 37 essays, leading scholars (including Rainer Riesner, Beverly Gaventa, Howard Marshall, Simon Gathercole, John Barclay, and many others) cover a wide range of topics relating to the study of Paul. Not only do essays address typical subjects such as ‘Paul and the Law’ but there are essays on important readers of Paul throughout history (e.g. Chrysostom, Augustine, Luther , Barth, along with African readings of Paul) and discussions of Paul’s influence on art, literature and theology. I would recommend that students (and others with an interest in Paul’s life, thought, and significance) read this book.

It is a large book and is produced to a very high standard. This means that it is not cheap to buy. Thanks to one of my students, however, I have become aware that the unabridged book is available on Audible. If you subscribe to Audible, you can use a credit to get this book. (And if you do not already subscribe, you could get the book on the free trial offer from Audible.) Even if you were to purchase a credit at full price, you would be able to access the content of the book for far less than the price of the physical book. Of course, the experience of listening to a detailed scholarly study is rather different from reading the text, but this may be a good option for some people.

(Students of the University of the Highlands and Islands should note that an electronic copy of this book is available to borrow from the UHI Library Catalogue.)