Reading a dictionary!

Brill Dictionary of Ancient GreekI am sure there must be jokes told about the kind of person who spends their time reading a dictionary! I suspect that I would make a worthy target for such jokes since I love dictionaries (for various languages) and I have recently spend a good deal of time reading not one but two dictionaries!

I have been working on a review of the recently-published Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (I am grateful to Brill for supplying a review copy of this handsome book). Rather than simply saying ‘this is a big book that contains a lot of words’, I decided to compare selected entries in this massive reference work with the standard Greek lexicon for New Testament studies, namely ‘BDAG’ (an abbreviation based on the names of the main editors: Bauer, Danker, Arndt and Gingrich; it is ironic that this would also be the abbreviation of the title of the new dictionary!).

My review will appear, all being well, in SBET in due course. For now, I will simply encourage readers who are interested in Koine Greek to be aware of this new resource. Those, like me, who appreciate good dictionaries will also want to be aware of the forthcoming Cambridge Greek Lexicon.