Global Theology – Lectures by Escobar, Sanneh, Walls and others

As I was thinking further about the Global Church, I came across a series of videos from the 2011 Wheaton Theology Conference that addressed the topic of ‘Global Theology in Evangelical Perspective’. Papers from the conference were gathered into a book with that title, but recordings of most of the lectures are available to watch free of charge. 

It was a particular pleasure to discover the videos involving Professor Andrew Walls, who was at the University of Edinburgh when I studied there. He only taught one short section of a course I was taking, on various religious traditions. He taught for several weeks on ‘Primal Religion’, or what in Africa might be described as ‘African Traditional Religion’ (ATR). I remember thinking at the time that I could not imagine any use I could have for this part of the course. Little did I know that, some fifteen years later, I would be called to serve in South Africa where some knowledge of the nature of ATR would prove particularly valuable! I was glad to have an opportunity to speak with Professor Walls a year or so ago and to thank him for that series of lectures!

Here are links to the conference sessions. The topic for each session can be seen by looking at the table of contents of the book (use the link above). The presenters (with videos linked to their names) were:

Andrew Walls

Lamin Sanneh

Gene Green

Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Q&A Green & DeBorst

Samuel Escobar

James Kombo

Vince Bacote

Q&A Kombo & Bacote

Juan Martinez (Don’t be misled by the introduction! This is the correct video.)

Terry LeBlanc

Q&A Martinez & LeBlanc

K. K. Yeo

Amos Yong

Q&A Yeo & Yong

Martin Accad

Ken Gnanakan

Q&A Accad & Gnanakan

Mark Labberton

Panel of Sanneh, Escobar, and Walls