Offers from Logos Software

Students, preachers, and others interested in biblical and theological studies should note the following offers from Logos Software.

First, if you do not use Logos Software already, you can download the Logos Basic package free of charge. This will allow you to take advantage of the other offers from Logos.

Second, to celebrate 25 years since Logos was established, the company is generously offering (for a limited period of time –  until 1 March 2017) a $25 voucher, which can be used on any order – even if it only amounts to $25! Don’t miss this offer.

Third, each month Logos offers one book free and another for $1.99. Over the past few years I have received valuable books by Moltmann, Bonhoeffer, and many others, without cost. It is worth while checking the ‘Free Book of the Month‘ page each month, or signing up for notifications, so that you can benefit from these excellent offers.

Of course, you may decide to sign up for one of the Logos passages that involve a cost, but all of the offers listed above can be accessed without any cost at all.

Happy reading!