Discover Paul with the Bible Project

I am teaching a module on ‘Pauline Theology’ this semester. One of the most challenging aspects of Paul’s writings for students is simply the volume of material that Paul wrote, often involving quite intricate argumentation. How do you become familiar with the content and structure of Paul’s letters?

Although there is no substitute for direct engagement with the text of Paul’s letters (whether by reading or by listening to an audio version, such as the wonderful reading of the NIV by David Suchet), the Bible Project team has produced a series of short videos on every biblical document, which I have found particularly helpful for grasping the broad contours of biblical texts.

This series of videos is based on well-informed scholarship, but is presented in a clear and engaging manner that is helpful for anyone interested in the Bible, not just theological students. You can watch the first video on Romans 1-4 here. I challenge you not to get hooked on the whole series!