The Return of Jesus in 1 Thessalonians

Today I was speaking with a student about his plans to study the return of Jesus in Paul’s thought. I am always pleased to hear that someone wishes to consider carefully this important theological theme, and I was able to point him to Steve Motyer’s important new book. (You can read an initial instalment of my review of this book here.) The conversation reminded me of an article I wrote many years ago on ‘The Significance of the Return of Jesus in Thessalonians’. The article is not too technical and it is freely available for download on here. I hope readers will find it useful and will be encouraged to consider this important subject more fully for themselves.

[Edit: My apologies (to those who might notice such things!) that the Greek text reproduced on page 66 and also on page 68, footnote 32, of the article was mangled in the process of transmission of the file. Those were the days before unicode fonts-or, at least, before I learned how to use them.]