Beginning to write

I have decided to create a blog. I don’t expect it to change the world, but I hope it may be of use to some people. It is called ‘These Things Are Written’ for several reasons:

  1. The phrase is an echo of John 20:31: ‘But these [things] are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name’ (NIV). Not only does this verse encapsulate my own confidence in Jesus the Messiah, but it reflects my fascination with the written text of the Bible and the New Testament in particular. It is likely that much of what I post here will relate to these life-changing, world-changing documents.
  2. One step removed from its original context, the phrase ‘these things are written’ may be understood to refer to books and articles. I confess that I am a bibliophile. I am always delighted to receive, read, review and recommend books. And I am in the privileged position that this is both my joy and my job! I expect that many posts will be book reviews. If my enthusiasm for books rubs off on others, I will be thrilled.
  3. A further possible connotation of ‘these things are written’ is a self-conscious reference to my own writing of the blog posts. At this point, we have come an infinite distance from the initial reference to the authoritative, life-changing words of the Gospel to my faltering and fault-filled words. But, nonetheless, I have spent much of my life writing and I recognise the potential of the written word to inform, to encourage, to stimulate thought and action. This blog is one means by which words can be let loose to do whatever they may do in the providence of God.

If you find any blog posts helpful, I will be pleased. I don’t intend to enable comments on my posts so as to spare me and everyone else from the nonsense that regularly appears in such facilities. I would be very happy, however, to hear from anyone who wishes to comment constructively on anything I write. To make this possible, I have created the following email address: If you wish to contact me about something on this blog, please feel free to send a message to this address. I cannot promise that I will be able to respond, but I will try to take all constructive comments into account.

Thanks for reading!